This database was developed by Dr Angus Paterson, Dr Kim Bernard, Tanith Grant, Dr Nuette Gordon and Bruce Donovan and Dr Wayne Goschen (SAEON Egagasini – responsible for Phase I and II application development). It incorporates the KZN Estuaries Database which was developed by Rose Hamilton (Eco Tech Database Consultants).

Funding was provided by the Water Research Commission (WRC) and the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) Oceans and Coasts (previously DEAT, MCM). We gratefully acknowledge their support during this project.

We acknowledge the following institutions and people for their valuable and continued input:

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Dr Peter Goodman
C.A.P.E. Pierre de Villiers
CSIR Dr Susan Taljaard, Lara van Niekerk, Pat Morant
DWA (RDM) Barbara Weston
DWA (RQS) Gerhard Cilliers
DEA O&C Ayanda Matoti

SAEON specially wishes to thank Dr Pete Goodman from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife for permission to use the KZN database as an initial model for the SAED.

SAEON would also like to acknowledge the broader estuarine community for their enthusiasm and input, specifically those who have contributed data.